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About Us

Tebibyte Tech is an engineering firm that has a vision to make our daily life easier and hassle free through technological innovation. We always try to think from the visionary end & ensure proper utilization of technology in every aspect of life.


"Better Technology Bigger Solution"

Embedded System

  • Customize product
  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Industrial Automation
  • Home Automation


  • Line Follower
  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • Maze Solver

Web & App Development

  • Website Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development

Software Development

  • Inventory Management
  • HR Management

Project Consultancy

  • Example

Tebibyte Shop

  • Electronics Equipments
  • Electronics Tools
  • LAB Equipments
  • PCB Design & Printing


Works We Do